Get Data From Airtable in Colin Tree List View

Hi Dear Community,

I try to get data from airtable in colin tree list view, but it show error, am i doing a wrong blok?

Use Do it to debug your blocks. The error tells you exactly what the problem is … totalRows is a number not a list. In this case is 2 because I see you have 2 rows in airtable

Tq, i will try it​:+1:

What blok should i use?:flushed:

First of all get all rows returns data in json format. See Airtable Advance Tutorial : How to get Multiple Column List or File List From Airtable Sheet - #8 by dora_paz Once you got data and Urgent Help Needed (ColinTreeList + Airtable) - #2 by dora_paz

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Just remove the length of the list block alone and try with only get total Rows in to position

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Tq i will try it

I try to copy this airtable procedure, but can’t find this blok…

Click on logic, drag or block, right click on it and change into generic

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