Get data from cell in a different column but same row from first column check

Hi there.
How could I make this possible. As you can see I have users(email) in Column “ID” and nicknames in column “Nicknames”.
When users pick their mail it gets data from column ID and checks if it is in list(as it creates). This works, but I want to get the data from the cell from same row as ID but from column “Nicknames”. How to do this, I have tried a few ways, but it always fails.

Any idea?

I have tried this also now, but guess I’m doing something wrong :thinking:

Hi, I have several suggestions:

  1. The ID variable must not be a LIST
  2. “values” is a list, so you just have to assign it to the variable ALL_ID
  3. You can get the “Row ID” by looking for the index of the ID in the ALL_ID list.
  4. It uses the index obtained as parameter “Row ID” in the GET CELL block.

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As you want to get row id to get cell so use index in list block.
Just use ‘index in list’ block in ‘get cell’.

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Perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Worked like a charm :+1:

I’m glad you found my help useful.

Here’s a similar way to do the same thing

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What is respons code, and why 200?
And what does it mean in the index in list not equal to 0 blocks?

Log in to Airtable, open your database and go to "Help/api/errors

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Aaaaah, so THAT’S what respons code are, never used before cuz I had no idea what it was for, ty for this tip/info :slight_smile:

“index in list…” returns a number, this is the index of the item searched for in the list.

Yes I know, but why not equal to 0? Cuz the list don’t start at 0 but 1?

That’s right, it starts at 1.

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‘Index in list’ returns 0 if item is not in list.
So to avoid runtime errors there is a ‘not equal to’ block.

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