Get data from server

How to get data from cloud server or how to get information stored online in server or cloud storage when searched from app.

Maybe give some more information. What kind of data do you want to get?

I want to get data like information which i will provide or save on the server.

Is it text or images that you want to use or something else. You aren’t telling that much. :sunglasses:



Suppose i have a small book. It has 100 chapters or topics which i have to save on server or in app or wherever it may be.

Only i want to show a topic when searched for it from app.

Well you could use a firebase for that. Never used it myself so can not help you with that.

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If i have typed all text data in labels in app, how can i search for it? Is there any extension or other to search for specific text?

Why would you want to search inside labels?

There is the contains text block, that might help.


Because i am storing text data in the form of labels

@Peter’s suggestion would help you find if that data you searched for is in the label, however there is not yet a direct way to find that data like pressing CTRL+F on your keyboard and searching a letter or keyword.

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Is ther eany way to store text data and search for specific data from app.

Is the user typing the data, or you?

All data is previously typed by me while developing app.

User will type in search box and matching result from data should appear in app

Suppose i have taken 200 buttons from button1 to button200. Now user will search for button50 in search box then button50 is to be appeared at top. How?

Ohhh Ok… Like a sorting feature. Let me think for one second.


I think I have a solution, let me test it

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Will this data be in a list, set via blocks? If not, this will not work.

It is not in list. It is simple buttons as we use.

Let me explain in detail.

Suppose screen1 has 200 buttons. Each has a name here suppose button1 to button200.
Now screen1 also has a search option. When user search for button50 then button50 will appear in search result.

I have to make easy UI for user as my app has many buttons so user can not check all buttons. He will search in search box what he wants and result will be shown.

Yes, I know what you’re saying… However if you’re using Buttons, I cannot help. If it’s data that can be put in a list, then I can show you what worked for me.

Ok show mw what you have tried. I will try to apply for my problem.

Example (Don’t mind the names for the buttons and labels, I’m working on something for Amplify, Hint):