Get Folder Size

hello everyone,
I want to get the size of folder/file but cant find way, i searched for extension but cannot find one
here is what i tried:


but this block do not work , it just do not show anything in label

If this is what you want, you’ll find in this extension from Taifun.

is it for checking folder/file size too,
i thinks it is for only internal storage or sdcard storage and more over it says available size that is not making any sense to me , it will be good if you explain

Ok then, my misunderstanding. It is to check available size from storage options.

if u find something share it :smile:

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Just explore the size of all its files, and subfolders’ files, subfolders’ files and so on. I can make a procedure for you, it is easy

Almost done, 1-2 minutes

You will have to use my extension called FileInfo for a faster performance (only file/folder names from directory, not paths).
FileInfo direct download: com.robertcrum.FileInfo.aix (10.7 KB)

Here is the AIA: foldersize.aia (13.0 KB)
Note: make sure the folder’s path does NOT end with “/” slash !

Screenshot of method:





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