Get JSON Companion Crash

Hello Kodders,

When i execute the “if” blocks the companion instantly close without an error.

The URL is:

On the other hand, if i execute this code it doesn’t crash. If i right click, do it, on the block to check the values companion crashes once again.

Am i missing something? Is the JSON not well formatted? Thank you for your help.

Json is well formatted but has more than 19500 lines and more 53500 words and that causes I believe the companion to crash.

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Is there a way to get the data in parts?

If the site provides the this option. Another option if data doesn’t change is to try to edit json, split it, save it in parts, save them as files in assets and use them from there. Just a thought :thinking:

Download the json file to user device or store it in assets because your json is big in size.

Maybe it’s works

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