Get online time in apps without any extension and 100% free

Hello friends as we know when we use the device time in our application then user can change the device time and hack the application that’s why it is not secure to do. So, we need online time in our application to make it 100% secure.

Timestamp URL

Learn more about it:

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This category is for more then posting a video and some links. I see on your page that you use Kodular and have a lot of blocks there. Why not also paste the text and blocks here.

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I don’t given the blocks and details here because:
1.They are so much
2.I don’t need to post all blocks everywhere
3.To get traffic on my site

By the way I have posted video here.

I’ve done like this before :love_you_gesture:


I attended the time and the date :muscle:

By giving more details, I’m sure everyone will like it instead of going to your website. For example, I won’t go to your website from this topic, because I can always visit your website, right?

Now it looks like an advertising/promoting your website to me.

Is this just a word, or real approved thing? Because;

  • What will happen if your time server website stops working? App won’t get the time.
  • What will happen if someone tries to attack your website? Because I don’t think your time server website is not even protected. So the app won’t get the time.

Does nobody want to have a broken app after publishing on an app store? No.

If you prove that your time server method is really secure, so you can say it is %100 secure, otherwise, it is only a second option to getting the time, nothing more.