Get SQLITE data on another screen

Hello, I wanted help from the community to answer a question about sqlite. I’m using the code below that I found here in the community, so I would like to list the sqlite data on another screen through a listview, the data will be available as soon as the user enters the application, how do I get the sqlite data on another screen?

Add sqlite on next screen and run query for selecting data

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Do you have any tips on how I can query the sqlite data, I couldn’t get the data in the list


Hello, it was not available on the forum today, now that I’m coming back with my project, well I couldn’t get the sqlite data on another screen, even using select * from, I couldn’t get the data on the listview, I will have to compile the project?

Did you add table name post screenshot of query.

Hello, I solved my problem, I’m using the extension of the kodular itself and every time I enter the application, a “Done” notification appears, how to remove?

How did you solve your problem of SQLite data between screens?

Here is how to remove “Done” notification (Suppress Toast):

Screenshot from 2020-10-08 02-15-59

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