Get the city and state

Does anyone know any extension where I can get the city and state? I need this help.

Have you searched for API? Maybe it already exists…:+1:

Thanks for the tip Rogerio, but I didn’t find it, I’ll ask in the community does anyone have it.

In fact here there is a list of extensions, but I didn’t find an API list.
Do you know where to find an API list?

I think there really isn’t an API list, in communities. But, I suggest doing a Google search.


I found this VIACEP site, it has several ways to use it, but nothing for KODULAR, take a look and give me a help on how I can use it, please.
Zip code for Brazil.

you can do in kodular also -

result -

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To consume an API you need to read the documentation.
In none (API )you will find examples in Kodular.

But , you will have examples in PHP and in other languages.

And you will also have the examples of how to use the api directly with POST or GET. In these examples (on the API website), will be informed: the API endpoint
the header
the body and
the response.

Note in the example above :point_up::
Web Url ,Web.Get and Web.Got

In the example above , the zip code search was used. Below is an example of the search by name. This address will then be inserted into your Kodular Web.Url block and returned in the Web.Got block

Take this example​:point_up: and place it inside this block. (change)


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We dont allow questions about deephost extensions. The developer doesnt support them.

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Hi! So, I suggest (for your better API learning) that you make an attempt to use some API + Kodular Blocks (web component). :+1:
Why do I suggest this? :thinking:
Because, after you learn to use API + kodular , you can use various APIs with Kodular blocks. Not only use API for cities and states, but any other API that can be consumed by kodular blocks.
Isn’t that great? :slightly_smiling_face:
And that’s what the great learning is. :+1:

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Thanks Rogério,
I solved the problem with the VIACEP API.

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