Get the required list from a list of lists

I have a list of list like
[[“123”,“hh”,“ww”], [“658”,“qwe”,“ert”], [“564”,“gg”,“ww”]]

i want to extract the list which contains ww i.e., [[“123”,“hh”,“ww”], [“564”,“gg”,“ww”]]

How can i do it?

You can stay with your old thread @Pralaya_Ranjan_Behera

i have solved that problem.
now i want to search from the list and store in a variable. so how can i do that?

Oh thats great… Then use for each items in the list

For each items in the list get above global list
if is in the list thing (ww) list list from csv row text (get item)
then - assign blocks for true
else - assign blocks for false

this is a list of list, so this error is showing?

and always find the third item from the list… i means “ww” is the third item of that list, so search must have to find the third item and then show the result

show me your blocks

its working but only 10%
that means from the list it is verifying that the thing “ww” is there but when add that item into list it is adding that list with other lists after that.

i.e., suppose the list is like [[“123”,“hh”,“yw”], [“658”,“qwe”,“ert”], [“564”,“gg”,“ww”], [“564”,“gg”,“kj”], [“564”,“gg”,“yt”]]

so for each item in the list i check for index 3 and search for that word “ww”. and then i add list to a variable.
then i want to see the result in the label and the label that shows the list like [[“564”,“gg”,“ww”], [“564”,“gg”,“kj”], [“564”,“gg”,“yt”]]

that means the list first starting from the required list and adding next lists

got your point …thank you
but if the list is like [[“123”,“hh”,“yw”], [“yw”,“qwe”,“ert”], [“564”,“gg”,“ww”], [“564”,“yw”,“kj”], [“564”,“gg”,“yt”]]

so here “yw” is in different index of the list
and i want to search the list which contains “yw” whose index is 2.
so how can i do that?

then one more if condition you have use inside the if condition of if contains text

if contains text 
then if the 2nd index of the list is yw, then .... else (yw is not in 2nd index but it is present)
else (no matching found)

Thank You So Much… As i said earlier i am your big fan :heart_eyes:

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Another question related to this question
my list is like [[“123”,“hh”,“yw”], [“456”,“qwe”,“ert”], [“54”,“gg”,“ww”], [“74”,“yw”,“kj”], [“564”,“gg”,“yt”]]

i want to remove list item which contains 123 and get the list like [ [“456”,“qwe”,“ert”], [“54”,“gg”,“ww”], [“74”,“yw”,“kj”], [“564”,“gg”,“yt”]]

First get matching index then remove the item from the list with this index

tried but not getting, i m doing wrong

Show blocks

You have did wrong blocks. First you should learn about list and list of lists.

Above blocks will work only for list but your case 123 is present in list of lists

this one i did it for last you said and it works perfect but now i want the list without having the word 123(example) which is index 1 of the list

i think this is correct