Get Tiktok Video Cover

How to get Tiktok video cover ??

Simple answer to your question : Go to tiktok and screenshot the video cover
Answer to your thoughts: read this post :point_down:

Hi @OfficialDjJohn
I read it before but what is the problem with my topic
Is it simple :man_facepalming:
What is important is that the person understands what the user wants
All I have written is that I want to know is there a way to get Tiktok cover via URL or not ??
What do I have to provide you with other information

Everyone here expects a long essay like query. I think cause they have too much time.

Sorry but you didn’t understand what I am trying to say.
You are asking for help and someone needs information to help you better.
So, first of all tell us that what kind of app you are trying to make? What have you tried so far?
We all here are learning and the best way to learn kodular is playing with components and blocks.
You seem to be trying to fetch something from another app or website.
First of all find it out that it is legal or not.
If it is legal then, anybody before made such application or not.
Search on community.
If you don’t found anything on community then search for similar apps or websites related queries.
Then post on community about the type of application you are trying to make, the things you’ve tried and any information that would be relevant to help you.

And @Haivaan we don’t expect long essays we want the information to help you. We are also learning. We know the struggle learning. We aren’t get paid to help you. We were like you once that’s why we help you. Don’t take it negative if we ask for information to help you.

Thank you.

Tiktok video downloader without watermark - I don’t know what will this help you .

One failed attempt


I make this app for me , I will not Upload to Google Play Store

I searched for this topic and couldn’t find anything to help

I searched for API or anything to help me but I couldn’t find anything to help

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No need to apologize. All that disgusted me is that you said that the topic I created is a small thread even though everyone who reads the post will know that I need a way to fetch a Tik Tok video cover by ID.
No matter what app I’m trying to create, the experiments I’ve had, or something else
But I have the right to object if it turns out that someone has previously created a topic similar to me in this case, which has the right to alert me
Hope you understand what I want to say

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