Get token from firebase store with blocks

I uploaded a photo to firebase store but how can I know the link of the token that firebase gives me of that image? I mean, I want to see by means of blocks which is the token of an image telling it the name, eg:

Image name: example.jpg
answer: image token equals: “url-token-img”

Is there an extension for it or how can I know the token within the app?

I do all this with a reason to use only the firebase store because if they plan to upload an image eg example.jpg and through the app call the value of the token of that image identifying it by its name. We can put that url to an image inside the app and be able to use the firebase store without the need for other extensions. (I strictly want to use firebase storage) Thank you very much for your input. Greetings.

I am not with my computer right now. So could not check anything if I can do for you.

Suggestion: You can upload images to Cloudinary & get the link right away, with in app.

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I have been told a lot about it, but cloudiary is paid, well I am not saying that firebase is not, but for my firebase store it is cheaper for my small project. their prices and their options are very close to what I want. but I found a solution is a firebase store support I found it on YouTube with it I can upload and bring photos from firebase.

¡link here! (I was wrong in the name of the link hahaha, but there are can download the attention)

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