Get values from different "for each" tags

What I do to call that data is the following:

Here is the get value block:

As you may have already noticed, although the global value “lista_busqueda” contains (element1, element2, element3) the “for each” loop does the job for me, but it is not calling me the action of obtaining value 3 times, which would be the number of elements I have in the list the global value of “lista_busqueda”.

How can I get the values ​​of each of the elements that make up the list of the global value “lista_busqueda”?

When firebase got value block,
Add items to the list (give new list name variable)
Item (get value)

So the new list will bear all the firebase value. From the new list you can take the values that what you want

Friend I do not understand very well what you mean, my English is not very good. I would like you to represent it in test blocks.

From this new list, select one by one

Tried ? @ElMaxicero4

Friend I understand what you want to tell me and if I tried it, but I don’t know what the position of the elements is once the firebase gets me for example about 100 labels, then it would be 100 complete values ​​to which I add to the global list "payment_value ".

I tell you that the values ​​that reach “got value” are 8 elements long. Now imagine 100 data with that length … How can I decipher where the position of the element is?

I think the answer is right after calling the value, use that value, and so on. It is that I am using these values ​​to fill in some dynamic elements so I will test that once I have the value, execute the dynamic component and so on with the others.

Do you find any error in my logic?