Getting Error in Custom progress

When I open screen custom progress just blink while web view still loading.

Error’s video:–

Block Of Screen :–
blocks (2)

Try setting webviewer visible to false and when progress changed set visible to true


ok ,i let me check

not solved yet broo

can you try this link:-- Gujarat Technological University

For me works with no problem but you can use this trick and see if it works for you using a clock component and setting time interval to 250ms (label block is not needed, used for test purposes)


ok,thank you

still problem not solved

Give your apk

This block doesn’t seems to work at all.


Try with this one


Ok, thanks i am trying now

Still not working
close_app (1).apk (5.3 MB)
here is apk

Block that i used:–
blocks (6)
blocks (7)

I think you are checking in companion… see the video…no issue I feel

WOW in your phone it Worked Perfectly ,But in my and my Friends phone it don’t

Me and my friends have Android version 10 and above which android you have?

Now i am sure that this not works in Android v10 or Above
i tested my app in my friend’s phone which has Android 7

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test.apk (5.3 MB)

Check this

Still persists then it may be a bug in andrd10

ya it can be

Now i have to use this method until bug not solved

i Used Lable as progress bar
blocks (9)
Screenshot from 2021-09-10 11-50-37

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I think there is a bug in Kodular cause this problem comes in Android 10 and Android 11 also

Tested the above app???