Getting Error to Return Home

When User Click on home it opens screen1 but when user go back they get notification of exit but it re opens app

Please do not tag users, also post a screenshot of when screen back press block and how you handle notifier

i already posted video

Video doesn’t show your code

Reason is you have opened another screen without properly closing the previous one. So that on closing time it opens pre screen

i also posted codes of other screen

so what should i do??

ok, I will try and check

i still don’t understand please can you explain it in detail please

i am still beginner

If you are opening screen2 mean it doesn’t indicate that you have closed the screen 1. So after going into screen2 and you try to close that screen or app mean certainly unclosed screens
Will gives you disturbance.

Always while we move from screen1 to 2 mean you should close the screen1. Then only if you give close screen 2 or app , it will function properly

Proper way to close one screen and open another


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where can i get this blue block :sweat_smile:

It is called procedure block…

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ok thanks for helping Broo
@dora_paz @Still-learning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :heart:


why splash screen is coming After using this?
in fast phones:–

In slow phone :–

i found solution

use this block
blocks (4)

blocks (5)

Dear @Dixit_Ram , what is the difference between your blocks and the one which I suggest in my earlier reply. ??? Did you open the link ?


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