Getting error while sharing the last downloaded image file

my concept is when i download any generated qr code i want to share that generated QR image after download completed, i assigned 2 variables for download path and file name which i can use to share using Share component. all the validations for user like user can not share without downloading the qr code, everything is working except the sharing part, it shows some error message like this -

and my download and share blocks are like this -

do anyone know whats going on here and how to fix this…?


To understand we should first know which function cause the problem

ok… but what should i do?

Right click on a function and click “do it” and see which one cause the error

It seems to me it maybe the Share File with Message block.

yes… i think so mr @hammerhai … so is there any other solution for that??

and sorry to say mr @Federico_Morrone, but i dont understand what you are trying to say…

can you or anyone help me on this. my qr scanner / generator is just waiting for this option…

when ad closed Download complete? how is that?

its working prefectly @david

i have found the solution to fix this issue. using canvas instead of image component

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