Getting things ready problem any solution please help me kodular

Explain in detail like,
How did you get this error?
What were the steps you performed? etc

For me this error generally occurs when any project is opened and then I click on My Project icon.
Now from the list of projects, if I open the same project which was opened previously, then this dialogue appears

When this happens, I simply reload the page and I am good to go​:slightly_smiling_face:

I got aia of this app through my friend but when I imported it into kodular it did not open and this problem started appearing, all the files are opening, just it is not opening please tell any solution

Did your friend developed the app in Kodular? or is it from another builder?

if it is thunkable sorry it cant be opened but mit or kodular it shall work

yes build in kodular this is admin app . and its main news app is opened!