Give me some tips for delivery app

Hello I am gonna creating a delivery boy. which database should I use I am really confused. firebase or MySQL
my requirement is I want to show the live location of delivery boy, & I want to assign nearest delivery boy for the order. so for live location I need realtime database & for nearest delivery boy assigned I have to run query(that’s easy for me). how can I manage these features with one database. & which one will be best. Please help me

For the long run keeping it mysql will be better, also as the application calls become frequent and you will exceed firebase free plan limit so you will need to either pay for plan upgrade or migrate the database. So better to choose one which is stable and works for long term.

As for real-time thing, you can store the location co-ordinates in table and fetch as needed.

For that i have to continuously send data & get data. That will be good with web component?

Yes now a days everywhere we have better internet connection and this is just text you will be transmitting so it won’t be any problem with web component. I would suggest you to use 2 web components so that you can trigger them one after another when first has finished then call second, when second is finished then call first so there will be always web component available to make a call.

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Thanks for your good idea

you can use firebase for just location sharing and others are mysql.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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