Give notification when the user get anything new in his account

I want the user to get notification when he gets anything new in his account, I attached a picture as example for what I

'm looking for by the way my application is a Webview app

This can help you

But it is better to get some initial information from the community before asking the question.

This link is working for me.

Very strange, it’s still not working for me and I tried 2 different browsers as well. I will delete my post as the problem is obviously on my end since it is working for you.

i dont think it is a problem with you @deanart2012 it is with me also -

but it’s working for me. :thinking:

are you sure did you searched on your own? well here is new link - Search results for 'how to send push notification with one signal' - Kodular Community tell me if it works

Yes, i also tested this link it’s working.

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Try this

This is not working.

Simply search, send push notification one signal

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working for me but

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Sorry for my inconvenience, Please try to use new link.

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This link works perfectly.

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Thank you all for interacting with the post … actually I meant that when a user got a “like” in a post he made for example then he got notification for that … giving a solution by making example video will be great since I’m just beginner in app building

You should follow the link that works and read the relevant topics. Try to build something yourself and if you get stuck you can ask questions here.

Alternatively, wait for the blocks or an aia file.