Glide Image Loader Extension- Load Images Fastly With Cache (Gif Supported) [FREE]

This extension allows you to load images fastly with cache, It is based on one of the famous library Glide.
It also supports loading Gif image.

Thanks to @chaimk For Sponsoring This Extension !




As I Found There Was Already A Extension Based On Glide Was Available, But it mostly used to cause compiling problems,problems in live test and it also didn’t supported Gif ,But this one does :yum:.

There are two versions of the extension, First use the AIX1,If it makes any compiling problem then just use AIX2 and it will surely work.


AIX 1 - GlideImageLoader2.aix (435.6 KB)

AIX 2 - GlideImageLoader1.aix (6.5 KB)


What does that mean exactly?
Does it depend on the device and / or the Android version?
If I want to use the extension, I would have to know beforehand on which devices there might be problems.


Nice extension. :clap:
Add an event “onError”
So we can use second extension with the event.

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There is no devices support problem, the problem is simple that the glide library collaspes with kodular components and make build fail…no runtime error
So i have 2 aix(One with library and one without library)so that in case it collaspes with kodular one the other one will surely work.

Build Error reported on other glide aix -


So i thought a perfect solution.

Logic - If it collapses, the extension without library will handle it and make compile success.

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There is no Runtime Error In AIX1
if it don’t works(build fail) use AIX2 it will work.
Don’t use AIX2 Directly(that’s it)

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Wow nice :sunglasses:

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Great extension.does it work with componet as a componet background

Thanks a lot!

Not yet, I may try to add it in future

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Awesome :+1: :+1:

Awesome Extension :100:

Will it load local images ?

Thanks a lot!

No,why would a local image local image need a image loader? :thinking:

Not image required, but gif required.

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I tried your aix1 with dynamic image component
I am getting this error

Dynamic image component don’t returns a image so it don’t works…error says at last that it expected Image
Either Use Image Component or Image Created With Dynamic Components.

Ok.i understand

there is no competition between AIX 1 and AIX 2 in Size ??:upside_down_face:

gif not work for me

Can you show your blocks please.

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