Glide Image Loader Extension- Load Images Fastly With Cache (Gif Supported) [FREE]

This extension allows you to load images fastly with cache, It is based on one of the famous library Glide.
It also supports loading Gif image.

Thanks to @chaimk For Sponsoring This Extension !




As I Found There Was Already A Extension Based On Glide Was Available, But it mostly used to cause compiling problems,problems in live test and it also didn’t supported Gif ,But this one does :yum:.

There are two versions of the extension, First use the AIX1,If it makes any compiling problem then just use AIX2 and it will surely work.


AIX 1 - GlideImageLoader2.aix (436.9 KB)
AIX 2 - GlideImageLoader1.aix (6.5 KB)


What does that mean exactly?
Does it depend on the device and / or the Android version?
If I want to use the extension, I would have to know beforehand on which devices there might be problems.


Nice extension. :clap:
Add an event “onError”
So we can use second extension with the event.

There is no devices support problem, the problem is simple that the glide library collaspes with kodular components and make build fail…no runtime error
So i have 2 aix(One with library and one without library)so that in case it collaspes with kodular one the other one will surely work.

Build Error reported on other glide aix -


So i thought a perfect solution.

Logic - If it collapses, the extension without library will handle it and make compile success.

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There is no Runtime Error In AIX1
if it don’t works(build fail) use AIX2 it will work.
Don’t use AIX2 Directly(that’s it)

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Wow nice :sunglasses:

Great extension.does it work with componet as a componet background

Thanks a lot!

Not yet, I may try to add it in future

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Awesome :+1: :+1:

Awesome Extension :100:

Will it load local images ?

Thanks a lot!

No,why would a local image local image need a image loader? :thinking:

Not image required, but gif required.

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I tried your aix1 with dynamic image component
I am getting this error

Dynamic image component don’t returns a image so it don’t works…error says at last that it expected Image
Either Use Image Component or Image Created With Dynamic Components.

Ok.i understand

there is no competition between AIX 1 and AIX 2 in Size ??:upside_down_face:

gif not work for me

Can you show your blocks please.

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