Global Name not working when apk is created

Hello, I create a global name variable to use it from screen to screen and when I test it with the companion works perfect but when I create the apk and install it it doesn’t work, there’s no value where it should. Any help?

this is from where I take the UserName


and this to call it in the other screens


A global name works only on one screen. If you want to take the value to another screen you have to store it inside a TinyDB or you can when you open another screen give a startvalue.

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Hi Peter, it is stored in a tdb and when testing it with the companion works, but when the apk. is installed in a device only work for one of the 3 screens am using.

What about doing like marked in below image?



it takes me to the same, It worked like the one I did, everything ok within the companion but when installed didn’t work I looks like when installed in the device the TinyDB is not recording the info…it could be? is there any way to test this or any other way around

Where are you calling Tiny DB. Get Value block? Presently its just showing that you have stored the username.

that’s the only thing I need, the username, there’s no other value. The username goes to two more screens and it is recorded in a Fusiontable.

How you would call TinyDB here? like this?