Go to "modify system settings" of our app with one click

If someone knows similar setting to open cast setting, please let me know action/data URI.

May be elaborate more about this?
In which phone is this setting?

how which phone matters? Cast is an android feature to project your mobile screen on TV etc.

I know about cast. But I thought pen cast may be different thing.
Cast setting is different in many phones.
Have you tried this?

My apologies, it was a typo which I corrected - pen is actually open :sob:

No problem. :slightly_smiling_face:
But you should open a new topic about your query so that this topic doesn’t go off-topic.
In that way, there’s more chance you get help from other users.

Now let’s stop talking about this in this topic.

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yes, please, i need to be able to open my app on others, i am making an app for taxi and i need the screen to open when i have a call, can you help me?

Hi @jltecdes,
You can see here :slightly_smiling_face: :

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I hope it is done by activity starter.

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