Google Ad Manager Components - less Show rate

i had 1300+ daily impressions with Admob components. but since I switched to new Ad manager Components I am only getting 550 to 600 impressions. although I got all my users updated on my app. how could I see my ad request - if someone please check from kodular,s Admanager profile that how many Ad requests

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Low Earning

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CPM is too good according to your impressions and what you expect in 2,000 impression = ?? $

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It is too low, with admob you can get 1.5$ ecpm easily.(india). Interstitial ads
Even Facebook give better than this.

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No, he will get ads limit in his account and the app doesn’t have much user by seeing impression

i can bet his app does not have more 1,000 users in daily active basics

If you used Admob, what was your ecpm? Gentle enquiry.

If U Use Google Ad Manager Make Sure U Increase the Number of Ads. This can help Effect the Impression rate positively. and also Try Adding a Few Banner ads at the Bottom

Like This :arrow_up:

Please read this

Do not place more ads than the number recommended by Google for AdMob. Google have the same policy requirements for both AdMob and Ad Manager. We will not be able to do much if your app is flagged by them for violating their policies.


Hey, Can you tell when does our ads SDK initialise?
Screen 1 or During first ad load.
In my experience, during first ad load it is taking too much time. There is any method to initialise SDK on screen 1. It will lead to increase in impression, because probability of user to see 1 ad is very high.

ohh is it i was unaware of it
but you can do this

We currently initialise the SDK when the first ad loads. Unfortunately, for some reason initialising the SDK when the app starts causes it to crash. We will have to find a solution for this soon as we work towards integrating mediation networks.


If the location is Asia, then per 1000 impressions the best for banner ads is USD 1-2. But according to his clicks he must have atleast USD 5-6 per 5 clicks.

Exactly, I can smell self clicks :joy:

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What’s you location mate?