Google Ad Manager components now in General Availability

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In case you missed it, since a couple of months we have partnered with Google, and we were able to bring new monetization options:

Those new components were using Google Ad Manager to monetize using Google’s ads inventory. Though, as it was a custom solution, we had to launch them with some invite-only program to ensure everything worked properly.

Well, today we have assured that all system is working fine, and you can all now get access to those components by applying today for a Google Ad Manager child account! :tada:
It is no longer needed to apply through that Google Forms; you can go straight and click “Request Invite” in My Kodular’s Payments page.

If you would like to start today increasing your revenue, check the following guide:

:warning: NOTE: Keep in mind, this system has some limitations. It is recommended to only use Google Ad Manager if you already have some experience in apps monetization.
Any kind of policy violation may imply your Kodular account suspension, and low traffic volumes may deal to a temporary child account deactivation (due to some system limits).

Also, as we are now offering Google Ad Manager components to everyone, we will eventually disable Google Admob components. Next update will hide them (existing projects can still use them), so new projects will need to use Google Ad Manager. And in the upcoming months, old projects using Google Admob will need to migrate to Google Ad Manager as well.
Google Admob commissions will also increase progressively until that day. As of today, no changes were made to those commissions yet.

Happy Koding! :kodular:
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thanks team kodular. :cowboy_hat_face:

hello i think that’s a shame, i use dear Google Admob brings in more sales. Google also recommended that I use Google Admob because it generates more sales

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Google recommends using Google Admob because it is open to everyone. However, with Google Ad Manager, we give you access to Google Ad Exchange inventory (which you, as a standalone user, cannot get access).
And as you can see in this blog entry, by giving you access to Ad Exchange through Google Ad Manager, you may get over a 80% revenue share (which compared with 60% from Admob, seems like an increase).


What this is trying to say is that if you’re using Google Ad manager to monetize your app you only use Google Ad Manager alone, no other monetizing network?

No, you can use as many ad networks as you want. For example, if you want to maximize your revenue, you may want to use Google Ad Manager as a primary one, and using the “Ad Failed To Load” block you can then invoke other ad networks like StartApp to fill that slot.

That notice means that Google Ad Manager is intended to be used with high ad volume. If you have, let’s say, less than 1,000 impressions per day, you should consider other ad networks.


Alright, Well understood.


Hello everyone.
I know how to use the ad components, but when I add them, a pop-up message appears. Can I work on the application, or do I have to complete it, and when I finish it, I send it for approval, and how long will this take?

Sorry for my language.

Ali from Iraq

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Diago please fix that banner size issue after lates update​:pray:

If anyone have no admob account, then can they use ad manager service?

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todas as rede de anuncio vao sair do ar ou apenas o admob e vcs tin ha q ter uma forma mais rapida de aprova apps pra ser monetizado pq eu fiquei mais de 3 meses esperando aprovação pra monetiza meu app ate desistir e removi meu apps e agora não consigo mais envia outro app pra aprovação pq sempre diz q eu ja tenho um app em revisão mais esse app q eles diz esta em revisão eu ja excluir a muito tempo e continua a mesma mensagem q eu tenho um app em revisão


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I don’t see Request Invite in my account’s payment section. What’s the reason? I have an app in play store. Can anyone suggest?


Some of the reasons why your account may not be eligible are:

  • You have no approved apps for monetization.
  • You have way too many apps rejected for monetization.

As message says You must have at least one approved app


Do I need approval for an app already published in the store?

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No you do not need approval for a published app but accordings to the docs in order to be eligible for a Google Ad Manager child account you should have at least one approved

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So I must apply so that my account becomes eligible, I guess?

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I quess …What happens if you click to learn more ?

It redirects me here: What is Google Ad Manager? - Kodular Docs


Can you check what you see in your own account?

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