Google Ad manager


Where is the ad unit, exactly?

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Interstitial_Ad1 is the ad unit
I didnt create any ad unit in Ad Manager

Update 2 : This error also comes when we do not have any app-id in monetization section of project settings.

Hmm, it looks like that is happening in Companion, right?

No, in apk also.
New apps which were not linked to my admob account are working.

Can you send a sample APK where that error can be reproduced?

Sorry error is different.

The same is happening to me

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This should be fixed now.

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Should I create new apk or existing will work?

An existing APK should work

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Similar error again.

Is that with an interstitial ad?

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Yes, I havent used any banner ad or rewarded.

This looks like an inventory error. (Error 3 - No ad config in google play published app - Google AdMob Community)
Is there any place I can download the apk to test with? Or can you DM it to me please?

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Now, my new apps also stopped working, new apps were working…

Thanks for sharing. I’ll get back to you with more details after looking through the logs

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Hey @Vishwas any update? both new and old apps are not working.