Google Ad Manager

i am eligible for Google ads but I have not received Google ad manager invite link in my gmail account

I applied 13 days ago

It looks like you haven’t requested it yet. Make sure you have clicked in My Kodular “Sign up for a Google Ad Manager account” and follow the steps in the tutorial:


In that case, it is because you don’t meet our criteria. We are going to leverage its requirements next week, so maybe you can be in that batch.



Kodular loves to make their users wait, the first wait for 8 months for Facebook SDK and now this problem has started.

It’s really frustrating, they really don’t treat their users equally, Its been more than 2 weeks since I applied for Ad Manager, I check my account every day to check if I have got approval or not.

I am just done with kodular and their inequality system. I will definitely leave Kodular soonar or letter.


Hopefully you will find something more suitable for your needs. Good luck and goodbye.

We have already explained several times why we are not launching it for everyone right now. Google Ad Manager integration is something that involves several changes, and it also involves money movement, meaning a single error can be catastrophic.

We launched it for just a small set of users that were already generating revenue, so we can have a controlled group of people to get a lot of real data to confirm everything is working. Then, system opened to recommended users as well (meaning, you can get access right now), so more people can use it. And also, ProKoders can also get access to it.

Regarding your application, I just reviewed it again, and it was discarded because it was a plain text PDF file with over 1,000 pages, which

  1. makes it impossible to confirm it is yours (as it is plain text, it could be taken from anywhere, because your email address is not shown anywhere)
  2. makes it impossible to check all that data (we cannot review all 1,000 pages…)

But anyway, as we have said several times already, it will be open for everyone. When we process the first payouts (which should be around mid September), you will be able to get a child account whenever you want.
If we really treated users as you said, with lack of equality, we would just keep the system closed forever, with no option for users like you to get access.


I have sent the request on 19th July but it has not been accepted yet … 1 month has passed :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

hello diego … my app is already published in the play store , what do i need to do , and the kodular says that if the app is already in the play store it doesn’t require approval … but ae when i try to export the app to take for new play store update , say I’m not approved …

My app is approved by Kodular and also on the Play Store but still, it didn’t show ads in the last 1 months

You’ve to download your app from play store to see live ads after publishing an update. I think you must avoid seeing/clicking ads shown in your own apps. It goes against the google policies.

I have not

I am a developer for last 2 years I know this absolutely. How google Treat you.

I can never make this mistake

I ask my users on my social forms, if they are watching any ads

And thats how i get to know anything about my apps

does anyone know when kodular pays? by the ad manager, I spent a month and it only dropped 02 cents of the dollar, and by the report it was for me to have earned 30 usd

I subscribed to the premium and paid 35 dollars and the ads did not work for me and the application has been in the review for three months. I hope to solve my problem quickly

I too am a premium user and my application too stuck in review process for almost a month

God knows where this Kodular review team is sleeping

my application is under review for over a week, and nothing to approve for ad, I bought kodular premium, they said that the approval time would be a maximum of 24 hours, and nothing yet

I want to create ad manager account from modular account but I can’t create account. No invitation is given in email. Now what should I do. Without ad manager account ads can’t be shown in app. Please help me.