Google admobe ads?

How add this type of ads in own app?

This is native ads till now this feature not available

You can use html to show this kind of ads, by using webviewer.

Any procedure and bolck for using html and web viewer


When you will create a new app id for integration, The StarApps sent you a mail woth download sdk to integrate it in your app.

I guess this is not allowed

This allowed when you have any kind of extension for this work.

Ads extension are not allowed

If we show ads using HTML format then how kodular will take commission. I guess this not allowed ??? I am not sure

Kodular also know how developers use to cheat them. and you also know.

Yeah I know about but I doesn’t cheat because Thier provide best builder for making app.

i don’t talk about you, I talk about other developers.

Ohhh okay !