Google ads manager help

My Google ads mananger approved after kodular invitation, i add in my all apps with google ads manager!

Now my question:
Can i delete my admob limited account? if I’m not delete or chanel my admob account Will it cause any problems in the future?

What is your experience using Ad Manager, can you share some insights with us.

eg. eCPM
Fill Rate
any problem occurred or faced
(a screenshot would be awesome)


yesterday my eCPM 0.49!
but now my app is update in playstore but many user not update app that’s way i can’t guess my earning!

What about fill rate

and also how many impression you receive.

Fill rate i can’t saw anywhere becz Ad request option not there,so how can tell you fill rate?

Please don’t take the discussion off-topic.
Limits on your AdMob account don’t carry over to Ad Manager. I’m not sure if you can delete your AdMob account, but keeping it as is won’t cause any problems


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