Google ask Api 31

use this app for api 31 reflection… He made my day to another level… anyone who wants to submit urgent update… simply use this app…
just upload keystore…
upload apk…
buy license which costs $1.5 or ₹100… only one time…
submit request…
and finally get your app or bundle link from status…
Its also works on apps using extension or firebase authentication system…

Thanks @nikzdevz

Kodular is a google partner and they knew perfectly well that everything would stop with the API31 requirement, but if they communicated it, it would delay or not be successful the launch of the premium membership.

As a user of kodular… They haven’t done about api 31 since last year… So how much delay we can expect ? Its going to worthless if we lose our customers… total empire will be fall for such delay…
just not premium membership…
also marketing cost…
user gain…
invested time…
too much things we had lost…

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That’s isn’t our problem.
I have payed for a service that didn’t work.

You need to make an update really soon or I want my money back.

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google play app publish issue solve or not ?

Please stop spamming the forum. You have already asked a question like this before. Search the forum instead of spamming it.

how can i search it ? and this problem is solved or not ?

Use the search facility at the top right (the magnifying glass). Type in what issue you are talking about (presumably API 31) and search. There is a huge topic about it.

Now that AI2 has updated to API 31 perhaps Kodular will follow soon.

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As you can see on MIT inventor 2 the API issue is solved.
Now MIT inventor 2 is now building app with new api level 31.
@Kodular you also need to bring the API 31 from beta to main builder.
Hope in getting about this update soon.

There is already a topic about API 31 and what you stated has already been mentioned in it. In future please search the forum instead of spamming it.

Hi. This is the topic opened a lot of days ago. I dont understand why there is another topic.

Hi Koders,

It is show me last sdk is 29, I uploaded app to google console but rejected because this problem. Any idea? Why kodular removed sdk30?

Please Help

Your app is currently targeting API level 30, but it must target at least level 31 to ensure that it is based on the latest security and performance optimized APIs. You can change the API level your app targets to at least level 31. More information

Please read through a topic before creating a post in case your query has been answered already.

If you had read this topic you would know that AI2 has updated to API 31 and now it’s a case of waiting for Kodular to do likewise.

Hi @Kodular

The “november deadline” is approaching… any news about update release ?

Thanks for your answer.


I think the updater ran away, now there is nothing in their hands. :joy::rofl:

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Does anyone have any feedback on the matter?

Yes… Kodular targets SDK31 since a few weeks already, see also

If you still think it does not, then you should ask yourself, what is the difference between min sdk and target sdk?