Google Calendar is not opening

I am making an app where i need to open google calendar.
I can only open the google calendar when im using companion but when the project is an apk file its not opening.
Please help me thank you
this are my blocks

Test this and see if it works for you,for me it works with no problem
Calendar.apk (5.1 MB)

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okay i’ll try thank you

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your apk works, is there something wrong with my blocks?

Maybe it is the way you save global times

Those are my blocks

This is my test aia

Calendar.aia (17.8 KB)

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i did this, Error 601 is showing “No corresponding activity was found”

Delete one block

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still the same
google calendar only open in companion

not in apk

If you wish pm me your aia to have a look at it, since mine works

okay thank you

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Your android version ?

Yes im using android

Version ??? 9 or 10 or 11 or 12.

Solved via pm. Problem caused by notifier blocks

Used a clock to open next page

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