Google form in web_view

Screen 2 / web_view
When i set web_view home url is a google form, it worked.
But when i create a list google form in index.html ( and set web_view home url to index.html), when i click goolge form link is don’t work. How i can fix ? Thank you very much.

I think you answered yourself. Don’t put it in an index.html?

your mean when i create a list of google link and web_view dont work ?

You say that if you put the google form link inside an index.html it doesn’t work and when you put the google form link directly in the webviewer it does. So why use an index.html then.

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cause i have too many google form ( ~200 forms), i dont want creat a list, so i put all of them into an index.html

so. finally, i cant put list of google forms link in an index.html?

From what I can see in the screenshot WebView is trying to open an intent:// URI and not a https URL :thinking: