Google Maps Polyline


(Teguh Iman Setiawan) #21

As suggested by @MeteorCoder, I have ported my App code from Thunkable to Kodular. Everything is working perfectly including all the involved extensions. Downloading files, showing photos, swiping photos, showing picture location, user location, etc. Thanks for building such a great Builder.

When the poly line is implemented, I can complete the transfer to Kodular. I would suggest two functionalities egarding the poly line:

  1. Adding the poly line to the google map, specifying the width, color, and list of points.
  2. Removing the poly line from the google map.

Bellow are the screen shots of my App after porting to Kodular (without the polyline)

When the poly line feature exist, it can add route context to the markers above.

@Peter, nice to have others having a similar objective. Groetjes uit Indonesie :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice work. Groetjes terug vanuit een regenachtig Nederland.:cloud_with_rain:

(Vladimir) #23

I also expect the polylines and own markers design to be add in Kodular.