Google Material Fonts in App

Somebody using Google Material Fonts in his app ? If so, please provide the link to the ttf file, I searched a lot on google but those files just bolds the Font !

I want to add fonts like Google Photos app ! If somebody having it please drop a link

Its not allowed by Google to use the owned google font.

Just use google search function…

i found that similar font it is called Product Sans, can I use it ?

Yes so long its not the original from google


Wait, Product Sans (or known as Google Sans) is used by Google. And this font belongs to Google itself.

Google’s font is only for personal use.

But there are a lot of alternatives to Google Sans. For example, Gilroy:

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My personal favorite is Poppins.


Thanks a lot !!

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gilroy has .otf file format, can we upload it to kodular ?

There are some online font file converters, I think you can use one of them. I didn’t test Gilroy font in Kodular. But it should work like in other fonts.

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its okay found ttf files for Gilroy Font Family thanks for the help !

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