Google Play Console requestLegacyExternalStorage

I also encountered this problem, all published applications received this letter, and it was not a general letter, but specifically sent for each application. It is very strange because even on the google play page in the permission tab for the application there is no requestLegacyExternalStorage. Google can easily demolish applications after May 5, the question is how to solve this problem?


By ignoring it.


im same problem please fix this problem kodular team

How about reading before posting.
There is nothing to fix for Kodular.


! yes it is big problem

if i add this code in manifest and update my application. Will it fix the problem?

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

Yes and no. You’ll need to have a valid explanation for adding it… Why do you need to access the shared filesystem?


same problem here please solve this problem

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… and not for the app developer either.

So again:


And for the last time: There is NO problem (at least as long as Kodular is targeting API 29).



@bodymindpower thank you so much for letting us know that we don’t have to panic and just relax because we are using API 29. Thanks once again, you are the best




To take it account:
Requirements for updates to existing apps

From November 2021 , updates to existing apps will be required to target API level 30 or above and adjust for behavioral changes in Android 11. Existing apps that are not receiving updates are unaffected and can continue to be downloaded from the Play Store.

This is known and has already been communicated e.g. here:

My application doesn’t need to access storage on the customer’s phone, can I edit MANIFEST through Kodular?

Is it possible to edit the manifest through Kodular?

No, and there is no reason at all for that.

We can’t ignore it, because in all cases kodular continue to make unnecessary permissions in the manifest file, i don’t know why!
For example, try to create a new project and use just a simple button in your screen, then try to export the apk and look in the manifest file (with apk editor) , you’ll find WRITE permission and externalLegacyStorage, …! Even with API 30 , google will ask you: why you keep this Legacy in your manifest? For what?
And of course, because we can’t remove unnecessary permission that kodular makes :weary:

No, even if you make a simple button in your project you will find this Legacy in the manifest , pfffff !

Today i tried to look for that, i created a new project in kodular, i used only a simple button in the screen without any component,
The surprise !!! When i opened the apk with apk efitor i found “externalLegacyStorage” in the manifest !!! But why ?
I found also a WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission !!!
A lot of permissions just for a simple button?
Kodular has to fix this problem.