Google Play In-App Billing help

I have uploaded my app to full roll-out to production. Here is the link:

I have used Kodular In-App Billing component but when I export my app and test it, it is showing me the correct template which I created in play console, but I’m receiving test order not real order. Please see the screenshot:

As you can see it is showing me test order. I had uploaded my app to beta version to check the IAP. I thought it is showing me test order because my app is published to beta version so I published my app to production yesterday, but still it is showing me test order. Please help!

My Blocks:




The blocks are working absolutely fine. The only problem is that I’m receiving a test order for purchase.

What do i enter in developer id?

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It is not test order
It is real ones

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Oh then why I am receiving test order? You can see in the image which I sent

I think it same email of your Developer console

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Ohh…Ok I’ll try with new email ID and tell you…thanks bro

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You can’t pay yourself, and since you are the app developer, Google prevents you to pay by adding a test card. Try with different Google account.

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Yes, you are right. I uninstalled the app and downloaded from another email address but still it is showing me test order. What to do now?

I switched to another account which is not used in play console. But still it is showing me test order. Do they track it with email address or my phone?

Try to switch another device which you never logined with your Google account.

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Ok thanks, I’ll check it… Can you also test my app and send me a screenshot?

your app is not available for other countries


Oops! Yeah I will send APK here

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apk without google play will support in app purchases?

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Yes it will…

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ok send apk , we will test it,

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APK: wingo.apk (6.5 MB)
Developer ID: b306c37d5cf380bc

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I think just because at start its asking if you are a developer then enter id, it take any user as developer and send test order and also it this apk we cant use in app purchase,

No brother… I’ve added that dialog myself