Google Play reject app: prominent disclosure

Hi all, I need your help with my app.
Every time i try to publish on google Play it rejects and say this:

So what i’ve done is:

when the user clicks on the green button (accetta) it goes to the main screen with the geolocalization popup (from the device)

How can i solve? Google says that the problem is still the same… not prominent disclosure… but i think its there (first screen) !
Pls help me

What you provided isn’t enough, can you post the link to the privacy policy? And is it the same as the one you put in your app? Did you include in your privacy policy that you collect location data or any other personnal information? Everything is clear in the message you received so what you need is only to check whether you did what they told you to do or not. It would be nice if you post an apk along with the link of the privacy policy you put with the app in your developer console.

Your privacy policy should be something like this:

sample-mobile-app-privacy-policy-template.pdf (69.8 KB)

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Did you upload the Privacy Policy to your Website and set the link on the Google Play Console. Make sure it’s html, not PDF.

Post your link so we can help you.

thanks a lot!

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