Google play rejected my update (split_bundle 39)

We reviewed your app’s Data safety form in Play Console and found discrepancies between it and how the app collects and shares user data. All apps are required to complete an accurate Data safety form that discloses their data collection and sharing practices - this is required even if your app does not collect any user data.

We detected user data transmitted off device that you have not disclosed in your app’s Data safety form as user data collected.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

SPLIT_BUNDLE 39: Policy Declaration - Data Safety Section: App Activity Data Type - Apps On Device

About the Data safety section in Google Play User Data policy

Your app must be in compliance with this policy. If your app continues to be non-compliant after August 22, 2022, your app updates will be rejected and your app may face additional enforcement actions in the future.

Please make changes to align your app’s Data safety form with the app’s behavior. This can be done by either:

Updating your form in Play Console to declare collection of Data Types noted below; or
Removing unwanted functionality and attributable code that collects this user data from your app or libraries used in your app, and when applicable to deactivate all non-compliant APKs.
    To deactivate non-compliant APKS, you can create a new release and upload a compliant APK to each track containing the non-compliant APKs.
    Be sure to increment the APK version code. If using staged rollout, be sure to set the release to 100% rollout.

Configure your application’s secure network to allow unencrypted traffic on all domains. Eavesdroppers can benefit from this to intercept the data your application sends. If the data that has Sensation or can be used to get a user format, then this job may have impact on user privacy.

It is best to allow storage of encrypted volumes only by passing the cleartextTrafficPermission flag to false, or the encryption policy plug-in for specific domains.

i’ve update Data safety form several time, but googlay Rejected my update.

Have you tried searching this forum or google for the answer?

Yes, i have try, i found split bundle 1 …, my app use android id, but i remove it, and now, my app do nothigns, only click on listview and go to link … i got no idear to fix it …

Does your app have a function to share something?

Check this - App rejected on Google Play. Please, help! - #5 by Baraa_Awwad