Google Play won't publish app with old Kodular Package Name

Hello, I made an application with makeroid and I published on google play, the problem is that now the file is called kodular … I can not modify my app:
and now
if I put en package name the app do not want to settle

Hi escuse my english, i’m french…

I mean the app can not get installed on my phone … I can not update the app I already have on my phone, so that it works I have to remove my old app

Let me fix your title, you fix :point_down:

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do not want to settle? What do you mean with this?
The app doesn’t compile? The new package name isn’t saved on kodular website?

Use custom package name as “”

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when i put in the package name and i send it to google it works …
on the other hand if I test the apk on my phone, it tells me application not installed … If I erase my old app and I install the apk it works …

You need to use the same keystore.

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I put the same keys as on Google play. But it does not work on my phone…
Can i send it on Google ???

edit : good evening, I sent on google play and I had the update

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If you ever run into this Keystore issue, simply uninstall the application from your device, goto recovery and clear cache, then turn your phone back on (otherwise known as CONTINUE BOOTING) and try install the application again.

Weird Recovery you have, then.


Hello, I tried I erased the app empty the cache, restart my tel, I’m google play, install my app then I’m on kodular and I downloaded the apk and the … . it does not work…
On the other hand when I test with companion it works very well … with the apk ca do not want to installed

You guys have some weird devices :joy:

i also have this problem on the play store i have at least 500 like this

Please search the community once.

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