Google script update method

probably by index + 1 because js array is 0 based :wink:

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see your logic is totally confusing us… You are having expired data in Sheet3, upon screen initialize it loades and on long click you set to edit the data. Once user edits mean that data need to store in the sheet1 only na, or you want that data to be update in the sheet1?

pls clarify @Teguh_Sampurna

Are you wrongly added this data? because two rows with same data confusing… If you are using this pattern then certainly you cannot use update items.

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yeah its true like this, so i mean at the script code maybe probably or not use 2 or 3 var or parameter no just 1 var for plu only…if it is imposible,i think ad 1 colomn for ID for uniqe,so i will use var i at colomn ID.

so in sheet1, you want to store list of datas one by one?..

yes with first code…its change the data,but just update first item,even i edit second data with same name,its always edit the first item…

yups…because… in the product A have diffrent expired date, so it posible to unique the SKU…
Screen Cek_Expired will store to sheet expired one by one

pls come to private message. no need to continue here, else it will seems to be spamming the thread with plenty of messages.

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i have product A with ED Jan 24 2022, then A with ED May 21 2022 maybe etc…
but,if i edit item A with ED May 21 2022,it will edit item A with ED may 21 2022,not A with ED Jan 24 2022…i want like that

It can be solve with this method Google script update method - #20 by sugarlesscreator

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Also asked and answered in StackOverflow

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