Google.service.json for Firebase Database?

Hello Friends… :grin:
I can’t upload a file to Firebase storage

I don’t know why… :sob:
I have notified kodular when I dragged Firebase storage component to designer :-

But, I looked to Firebase console and I can’t find it… :disappointed_relieved:

Please help me anyone :pray::sob:

And I tried to export this app… :wink:
But, i can’t :sob:

@Mohamed_Tamer , @themaayur

You have to download the file from your firebase console and add it to the assets on Kodular

I know it…, But, where I can get it…?

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No, Problem… :grin:
I’m in India…

In Firebase Go to Settings > Project Settings

Scroll Down a Little and on the Right Side of your Screen you will Find the Download Button for google-services.json

Download it and Upload it in your Assets.

Why this error…? :thinking:


What’s the Problem…? :thinking::face_with_monocle:



Change this to -

   read: true;
   write: true;

Or add an authorization to your app

I edited my rules as this but, still showing the error…

So, I edited my rules as

this video :-

But, still showing the error :-

@Mohyaddeen_Mazin please don’t mention us in each post…

Oh, Sorry… Okay
I don’t know it that :sob:

I never do that till now :slightly_smiling_face:

You can mention others,
but not 3 people at once and not when two of them haven’t even replied after 3 mentions

Okay, Thanks

Thanks @Alaqmar_Bohori and @ADDYLIN :smiley:

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