Google sheet as database connection limits

Hi Guys,

can somebody please advise -

is it fine
If i use google spreadsheet as database for my application -

  1. I would have around 2000 rows and user(s) can search thru these records.
  2. Search is perfomed thru web component and on textchange event many concurrent connection are allowed to a single spreadsheet (how many users can perform a search at same time?)

This was developed using fusion table earlier but since google is removing/deprecating fusion tables, i choose going with google spreadsheet.

I used a database at Google spreadsheet with a big count of rows and there is not a count for concurrent connections, because you are working with queries.

One big negative point is that you can’t authenticate your user and the database is accessible to everyone.

till the time you have it for public use and anybody can just “view”, it shouldnt be the problem.