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hello, first of all, I searched the forum and couldn’t find any information on the subject. I would be very grateful if you could help me with my question. I want to change any data on the Google sheet, but I don’t want to use an id number or anything else to find this data. Logic If you can find it with CTRL - F as in Windows and change only that line and the information in the line, I would appreciate a lot of information about this subject. There is an id number in all of this information, but is there any reason to change it without doing this? Thank you in advance for your answers in

If you have 10 or 100 plus rows then you must use index number of the row to be updated. Yoi can reflad randomly but to write yoi must use . Else get all data but in every cell value into every text box. So you can change the data anywhere without index number then on button click , save the data as it is in gsheet

There are products without a barcode number in 3 and 5 lines and think that there are thousands of lines like this, how can I find them and fix them from their names, I can’t use id number without barcode number because there are thousands of products like this and another problem is the length problem, each barcode has a different length and this is a problem. It constitutes because as much as I do, I cannot pull the data without a certain length, I will share everything in detail at the computer in the evening, I hope we can solve it.

You can use gviz method of calling… meanwhile get col A and by using index is in the list block you can get the I’d number , with this I’d number you can update any row…

More info ref here


*1 QUESTION: Consider the lines that I uploaded the sample of in Google Sheet, there is no id number, there is only name and surname, imagine a huge list like this. What I want to do here is just to search for that name, to find and change the name, it’s that simple, it’s possible without the need for any id number Please don’t tell me it’s not possible, even if you don’t know, I would be very happy if someone who knows can answer because I’m looking everywhere now I want to move on to my next question.

  • 2 QUESTION: In my other project, I will share the picture as number 2 in it, and here there are many lines and id numbers, and some pages do not have id numbers or the codes are different or change according to the length type. The length of the id number is in a different value, unfortunately it does not bring that data, please, I started a big project. I am waiting for your support. For my 1 and 2 questions, I am sharing the sample pictures with block codes and google sheet. I am waiting for your support and be sure, I searched everything on the forum and youtube and I could not find this project for me Thank you for your time. Very important. Waiting for just these steps to get started.

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You will need to follow this guide:

and use a formula like this:

=arrayformula( query({A2:B, row(A2:B)}, "select Col1, Col2, Col3 where Col1 = 'b'", 0) )

to return the rows.

Then in your app you can update the values in your list and then update them in your sheet.

Credits: Get row number with Google spreadsheet query language - Stack Overflow

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I am not sure I understand your blocks. If you do not want to worry about the length of the ID, why do you restrict the length of the ID?

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Suppose if i were in your position, I will try to simply like this…

  1. I will use auto genearte serial number whenever new entry comes into sheet( even by manual or via script url)

  2. So it would be very simple for me to call now exactly what i am looking for
    tq=SELECT A,B,C WHERE B=’’ AND C=’’


Submission, after editing


when result obtained, just remove the index1 and now in your habd, index number, firest anem & second name in hand. After editing the name we can return it back to the sheet using script function called writeRange

(https://scriptURL)?ID=(sheetID)&SH=(sheetName)&FN=writeRange&REF=B(index no):C(index no)&DATA==[[“text box1.text”, “Textbox2.text”]]

  1. And for question2 the same method can be used i.e calling via gviz method.
    And for question, try to avoid calling web url on text changed. Ty by calling after pressing enter button (use :point_right:taifun text box extension )

Hello, thank you for your help, I solved it in a different way, I will share it with you soon. If I need your help, I will open a topic again. Have a nice day

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