Google sheets data return

how to return the value of a cell from google sheets to a text box in the kodular app?

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better search in forum… There are plenty of solutions and suggestions are available

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try this



You can try cloudsheets classic/pro for it. We have a dedicated block for this purpose.

If you have any issues using it or you need any assistance, do not hesitate to send me a pm :grinning:


Get a Single Cell from a Google Sheet

what extent are these blocks?

Explain/enquire further…

which blocks belongs to which extension?

There are no extensions…

I don’t understand, I don’t find these blocks in my project.

I found. sorry for my innocence

Could you teach me how to do it when screen 1 starts text box 1 starts with cell A1?
I can’t seem to unfold it.

@michel ,

My actual google sheet url is

But i made changes in the above URL to get A1 value only as below,


Whenever screen initialize the block will give only A1 value.

Try this, if it not works, comment again…

Before you share url in the block you need to give minimum permission to others to view atleast the googlesheet

Good afternoon, it worked perfectly, very grateful for the help,
just one more doubt, I registered 11 data, if I clean the spreadsheet and re-register it, register on line 12 and not on line 1, why?

Instead of cleaning try to delete the cell values and try. if your got answers pls hit solution, it will be helpful for others…

Goodnight friend,
to return the value of a cell your help was spectacular, now and if I need to return 3 cells to 3 textbox it would look like this with 3 WEB or to simplify, it seems that with 3 web it was a little slow.

No need to use three web

Tell me Is all the value present in the same sheets?

i.e in A1, B1, and C1

yes, they are on the same sheet,

then in the range you use A1:C1
instead of getting response content in text box use any variable.

then use in text box .text1>select list item(get global variable) index(1)
text box .text2>select list item(get global variable) index(2)
text box .text3>select list item(get global variable) index(3)

I did not understand this part
blocks (2)