Google sign-in problem!

I have created an browser with kodular and just for testing i tried to load any url so i decided to load the page opened successfully but in kodular when tried to sign-in with google account at end the the logging page keeps on loading and nothing happens then as shown below :point_down::point_down::point_down:
h_Full HD.mp4 (2.2 MB)

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Kodular can not accesible with a vebview and with a lots of browsers too. For me only Chrome, Chrome Beta, Firefox and Puffin working well.

Any Chromium browser should work perfectly. Gecko (that’s what Firefox uses) tends to break CSS, so it’s wonky.

The WebView isn’t a full browser.


You mean on mobile? By the way, it does not. Kodular uses webkit-only properties, that only webkit-based browsers (Chrome/Chromium, Safari) support. Example:

No. On Mobile, all browsers use the native WebView (I tend to use Android System WebView.)

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That is just false. For example, how could firefox use addons in a WebView? Here are some good reasons in the comments, why:

I stand corrected.

But the app which i created through kodular is a browser and if in future i’ll publish this app and then if my user uses any website which includes google sign-in and if they want to proceed through it, they wont be able to do so they will get stuck at the signing page. can anybody help me to solve this problem

Google sign-in should work with your browser if the pages not showing this at pop-up.

When google sign in happens my browser doesn’t pops. All happens in tab only. ANY SOLUTION PLEASE.

Use the Chrome Custom Tabs.

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