Google Spreadsheet Extension Error

@AppHelper_Studio why this error occur, could you please help

first make sure what you are getting in all data and confirm the output is csv formatted table

how to check alldata is csv or not

Right click on the variable and click do it then post the screenshot here

Just Check is Got All the data block is working or not
For me its not working properly

And try to use latest version of it V12

Can you show Spreadsheet Structure screenshot

Also try with Get Column Id its working perfectly

Call all the column volue using index as you done with got all rows

BTW your blocks seems to be you are not using kodular platform and using Niotron it seems…

Update Our Google Spreadsheet Extension First To V12

Google Spreadsheet Get All Data

For me its not working properly

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Exactly doing same but not working

the data which is coming is mixer of many Column


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