Google Spreadsheet with easy Block Container Like Airtable Spreadsheet

(ARGadekar) #1

can anyone make extension like airtable but for google spreadsheet.
there have so many reasons. that i cant explain here.

(MeteorCoder) #2

It’s basically the same thing.

(ARGadekar) #3

i think not.

  1. i think google spreadsheet can improove speed of loading.
  2. & one more imp reason that i cant explain here with anyone.

airtable spreadsheet is very good and easy, but i think it will be more good with google spreadsheet
because now i’m using airtable spreadsheet

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(MeteorCoder) #4

Idk what reason it is that you cant tell anyone here and I dont wanna know

(Guilherme Lima) #5

What about Google Sheets being free and Airtable don’t?

(Philipp Lang) #6

With airtable you cannot load data from api into it.
This is one big problem. In google sheets you can load data from an api into the sheet, in airtabe not.

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