Google SpreadSheets Extension - An Alternative For Airtable [Extension] [PAID]

Google SpreadSheets Extension - 3x Faster Than Airtable [Extension] [PAID] Asynchronous and Offline Supported!

Hey Guys!

I have built This Awesome And Useful Extensions For You.

Now You can use Google SpreadSheets as a database of your app using this Extension.
This is the very first release, I’ll add more features as soon as possible.

Now I can call this Super Faster Extension.

Now It's Support Asynchronous Data Loading and Offline For Better Use.

Just use GetAllRows Block on Screen1 and then use it anywhere or on any Screen multiple times, as you want. This extension makes your app more smooth and crashless. It works asynchronously to load huge amount of data.

  • Let’s See Total Block This Extension have Five Functions and Two Events and Four Properties On This Time.

  • Changes Of Designer Section You need to have changes SheetID with your Google Spreadsheets SheetID and Sheet Name with your Spreadsheet Sheet name. You can set SheetID, Sheet Name and APIKey Dynamically from block section.


  • APIKey You have to set an APIKey, otherwise you can’t extension will not work. You will get an APIKey from me.


  • Sheet Name & SheetID You can change your Sheet Name and SheetID dynamically from block section.

  • Where Can You Get SheetID and Sheet Name Example Of SheetID

Example Of Sheet Name

  • Requirement You need to share your Sheets Anyone with the link . Otherwise Extension can’t get data.

  • Let’s See How It Works Example Of Get All Rows. It’s Async

  • Get Single Column Two Different Example of Get Single Column. Async Method is For Load Huge Amount of Data With Lag Free UI.

  • Get Single Column With Max Records Two Different Example of Get Single Column With Max Record. Use Async Method To Load Huge Amount of Data With Lag Free UI.

  • Get Single Cell Two Different Example of Get Single Cell. Async Method is For Lag Free UI.

  • Get Filtered Column Two Different Example of Get Filtered Column. This is an advance features. Use Async Method To Search On Huge Amount of Data With Lag Free UI.

  • When Error or Failed To Load Rises When Face Any Error or Failed To Load or No Internet Connection Detected!.

  • TotalRows It’s returns the total number of rows.

  • Set Cell Method Added Now You Can Set Cell Using This Block. Set Column & Row As Integer Number. (Column A = 1, Column B = 2)

  • Rises When Cell Operation Done.

  • Let’s See All Blocks Together

  • Synchronous Method

  • Asynchronous Method

I hope you’ll enjoy this extension.

  • Price - $10.98 USD (A New Version Is Coming Soon.)

  • Add Set Cell Blocks To Set Cell Using Column and Row Number.

  • Added Offline Support

  • Added Asynchronous Method to load huge amount of data.

  • Now it’s more faster, load data from Screen1 and use anywhere or any Screen without data calling. This features is unique and it’s make this extension Super Fast. (Updated On: 16 Dec 2020)

  • Just One Call To Load All Items.

  • You don’t need to call more time in one page.

  • Very Fast and Easy To Use.

  • You Can get Column By Filter.

Message Me To Buy To get my social contact information, click on my name or profile avatar. @JEWEL

If you need the source code, you can contact with me.

  • Watch The Test Video

Added Asynchronous Method To Load Huge Amount Of Data.

Load Data From Screen1 and Use it Anywhere Or Any Screen


amazing @JEWEL!!!

Thanks a lot dear

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your welcome @JEWEL!! and again amazing!!

marvelous job



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thanks a lot dear @Ekansh_Pandit

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As you are claiming that is faster, do you have any performance test that proves that…

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I have changed to “An Alternative For Airtable” at the moment until he gives some reference.

I have uploaded a test video. And I can explain that, it’s faster. It’s faster because it’s data processing system.

Provide some benchmark result and a short comparison would be the best.

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In this condition I can’t share any test Apk, so how can I prove that is faster?

You can see block of this extension. No need to call data again again. Only one call that use many times as you want. No need more time to load data. It’s store all data to local storage and then get from there.

I have explained it’s data processing system, I hope you are understand what I’m trying to explain.

A video of comparison is enough :blush:

I understood. But other people might not.

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There are no methods in your extension to create row, column or cell, why?

This is the very first version, I’ll update it as soon as possible and I declared that, every next update will be free for paid users.

Thanks @The_K_Studio

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I am interested, but if you add all methods that are available in airtable spreadsheet blocks.

Also, in your extension blocks, you have directly returned get column, get cell, instead of that It should return in respective event block.

I have tested that, this direct method is more time faster and you don’t have to wait for an event. And If you buy it, you will get all updates free. I have already working on it. And one more thing, this is lifetime free after you buy from me. No yearly or monthly charge needed.

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Nice extension!

But I didn’t like the idea of providing different prices for different versions, as already there are free extensions available but the users who want to buy this would not buy seeing this :sweat_smile: :sweat:
So you should keep the same price which once paid the purchaser could get all future updates as well

@Soham_Shah thanks for your advice, I have updated the price plan. If you interested, you can message me.


Nice :thumbsup:

Nice extension, but we can only request data. I think, it will be far better if we can also edit our data. Which I think you will add in upcoming updates :ok_hand: