Google Text To Speech Extension [PAID]

This extension allows you to use google text-to-speech in your app with realistic voices,many languages and many languages
You can set Language,Voice,SpeakingRate,Pitch.
It is not like normal text-to-speech.

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this extension!


You can get you Free API Key at Google Cloud Console, and on signing up you will also get 300$ credits there.

Get API Key

If you want to do it for free then you may also try to implement it’s API in your app

Test It


PayTM - 1000 INR
PayPal - 17.5 USD


Very Nice Extension !! Keep It Up !! :grinning:

Great extension :partying_face: :partying_face:.

Thanks a lot!


Well,I have provided a test link in the first also contains languages and languages list when you do to test.


Oops i didn’t see this contains those information, sorry :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

Nice Extension :clap:t2:

Thanks a lot

Great extension @Atom_Developer :+1:t2:

Thanks a lot.

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great extension .

Thanks a lot!

Should we pay for it

Yes, see here

PM/DM @Atom_Developer to buy the extension

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