Got a big problem in web viewer it doesn't adjust the website perfectly

Please help me or suggest an alternative so that I can complete my project and become free of tension

We can help you if you can help us.

The big question is how YOU can help us.
Maybe give us some informations? Show us your blocks?

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Same here.
The page that I set as a home page for web view is not being displayed well. It looks like there would be negative offset from the top or something like this.

Please, just create an app just with web view displaying this page and tap the menu to see what I am talking about.

In MIT app inventor or in any other fork this page looks like it should, no issues.

I do not use any blocks related to web view so I have nothing to post.

Can you post some screens where the differences are visible?

Here go screenshots from Makeroid app

And here from MIT

There is also second web view issue. It is related to Pull refresh, after pulling page is not refreshed, and one can see only white background.

Makeroid after clicking menu, only half of menu items are shown

MIT, valid view

Can you create a apk here for us?
Then we all can test it.

Yes, sure

test.apk (2.4 MB)

btw, many thanks for your quick reaction.

No problem. We are here to help :slight_smile:
I tried the apk. The refresh (pull down) works for me perfect.
Iam current only mobile online and can not post screenshots.
Maybe someone else can test your apk too?

Android 8.1 beta
Same menu

Did for you the pull down to refresh works?

As you can see, Peter has the same issue.
The page should look like this

I use Android 7.1.2 and refresh issue is also present.

After refresh screen is white.

Did you use the same webview options like you did in AI?

I am using default options, only add home page url.

What about to play a little bit arround with our designer screen options for the webview component?
Maybe it is only a little problem that can be solved with it.

I tried various settings with no positive effect. All I need is vanilla web view to display web page which is responsive and shows no sign of problems in ordinary browser. I could use MIT app inventor or any other fork but I also need onesignal push notifications that is only available in Makeroid.

I saw you have some sources on Github, do I have to put ticket there?

Ok, there are more issues related to Web View.

If you replace Web View in designer mode, for example, move it above or beneath something (button, vertical arrangement…), it displays just white, page is not rendered.

Steps to reproduce this incorrect behavior: just play around with web view, move it around designer, place it here and there.

Summarizing my experiences: when you want to use Web View, you have to use it as the first object in designer, and never move it, it is the best not to touch it because when you do, it becomes unusable and no way to fix it, deleting and replacing works not, just building you app from scratch.

In my opinion Web Viev in current version is definitely buggy.