Got a problem in Splash Image


at the time of testing …splash screen works fine … after publish in play store …continuously repeating in splash image…please any one ??

Please clarify your problem. Also post related blocks.

after published in play store …splash image is not working

What about this @techbrainz001

there is no blocks for direct splash image option

If you used any clock component disable it when the activity is done

no !! i didnt use any clock

Do you use the google play games component? If yes then delete it

google play component …no !! i use in app update

What about posting blocks from Screen1?

just i used splash enable and splash image in Design section

Your blocks image is not helpful in solving the problem. Post an AIA if possible. I’ll then check it out.

You’re probably using it the wrong way.


By looking at the blocks, the only thing you’re doing is closing and reopening screen1…

Community search for in app update

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thank you for your reply…if i remove .in app update blocks it works fine…right?!!

Yeah, or just fix your blocks.

thank ss and I’ll check and come back to you

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